CASE STUDY: An Intro – GPS Player Trackers – Do GPS Player trackers really help athletes/players improve?

We at SnappyReviews love playing football – not only for the social aspect but also for keeping fit and staying in shape. We could almost hear the relief from footballers up and down the country when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that as a part of the UK’s roadmap out of the restrictions, Outdoor organized sports and activities can return from March 29th, subject to guidance.

Like most footballers at any level, I immediately thought back to the pain of pre-season, having to get into shape, match-fit and sharp before my teams first organized friendly on Friday 16th of April. Previous pre-seasons have been grueling – but how can technology help me get to – or even exceed – previous seasons levels? How can I be at my best going into the season ahead?

I wanted to get hold of a device that could accurately track my distances, sprints and other valuable statistics during pre-season training and games so that I could actively monitor my improvement over the weeks from the beginning of training up until the season start. Statistics don’t lie, especially when built up over a certain period where you have a visual of your performance data. With these criteria set, I searched for performance GPS trackers to help me get the data that I want. I am convinced that as long as I have a refence point for my performance, I can analyze this data to help me improve.

I wanted this case study to cover GPS tracking tech from three different price categories. After some research, I decided on the tech below:

Under £50> Adidas GMR PLYR Pack

Under £100> Zepp Football Tracker

Under £200>  STATSports APEX Athlete Series

I will be posting a full unboxing of each selected tracker, write up and full case study within the next few weeks! Keep up to date with the blog and Insta page for full updates!


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