Help is at hand! Our tips on how to pick up an XboxSeriesX or PS5

The word ‘Scalpers’ has to be up there with ‘Brexit’, ‘COVID’ and ‘Lockdown’ as one of he most used phrases in frustration, since the release of the two power consoles just before Christmas 2020. Profiteers have made use of Bots to help scoop-up console stock before eager gamers have had their chance to pick up a console. There has been a suggestion that the UK Government are discussing potential action to ban console Scalping in the same way that ticket touting was banned in the UK in 2018 & retailers are limiting purchases to a single console, but what can we do in the meantime to help our chances in securing a console? We’d managed to get hold of a console on 19/02/21 – the steps below may help you in securing a console of your own.

The two console gaming superpowers – have your attempts in securing a console ended in frustration? We can help!
  1. Get to know the real sellers from the fake. – Don’t be sucked into the trap of trying to secure a console from unauthorised sellers – most of the time these end up being scams which will result in a loss of your money. Some examples of trusted sellers are: Argos, Amazon, GAME, Smyths Toys, Currys, John Lewis and Very.
  2. HOT TIP: Download the HotStock app on iOS & Android to alert you when new stock becomes available. This step worked for me within 12 hours of app installation. You can download the app, install to your device and select the items that you’d like the app to alert you about. I would highly recommend paying for the premium service at £4.99 a month until your console has been secured. Ensure that your phone is not left in “bedside mode” or “quiet mode” at night as more often than not, consoles are dropped in the early hours.
  3. Using eBay will result in you paying a premium for the console, or will maybe result in you not receiving a console at all. Be vigilant.
  4. TechRadar have released a very handy link guide which lists all UK (and abroad) sellers for you to access at a click of a button. Keep an eye on these sites:

6. The early bird catches the worm – Console drops are usually very early on in the day – we’re talking pre-9am. Move early and move fast to help increase your chances.

We’re hoping that the above steps help you in securing the console that you’re after. Good luck!